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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A City In Western Uzbekistan
Solution: Urgench

Question: Asian Cooking Technique Of Roasted Spices
Solution: Baghaar

Question: Baby Goats
Solution: Billies

Question: Big Sports Idiom Meaning More Important
Solution: Leagues

Question: Brings Into Existence
Solution: Creates

Question: Dabbed With An Absorbent Pad
Solution: Sponged

Question: Deciphered
Solution: Decoded

Question: Discharge Or Ooze From A Cell
Solution: Secrete

Question: Fellow Feeling
Solution: Empathy

Question: Gift Parceled Up To Give To Someone
Solution: Wrapped

Question: Infiltrating Another Users Computer Program
Solution: Hacking

Question: Obtained Money From Someone By Swindling
Solution: Fleeced

Question: Pandemic Is A Widely Spread
Solution: Disease

Question: Polygon Base With Triangular Faces
Solution: Pyramid

Question: Rapidly Shrinking Central Asian Body Of Water
Solution: Aral sea

Question: Ropes And Pulleys That Control A Ships Sails
Solution: Rigging

Question: Seriousness Importance Significance
Solution: Gravity

Question: Simpsonss Physician Doctor
Solution: Hibbert

Question: Skin Decorations
Solution: Tattoos

Question: Small Shiny Piece Of Metal To Decorate Clothing
Solution: Spangle

Question: Stanley Painter Of Cookham And Nudes
Solution: Spencer

Question: The Force That Keeps Our Feet On The Ground
Solution: Gravity

Question: Tiny Edam Type Cheese In Red Wax Sold In Net Bags
Solution: Babybel

Question: To Shock Astonish
Solution: Astound

Question: Trombone From The Renaissance And Baroque Eras
Solution: Sackbut

Question: Watery Mythical Lady With A Fishy Tail
Solution: Mermaid

Question: Woman With A Fish Tail That Lives In Water
Solution: Mermaid

Question: The Tuna Starkists Underwater Mascot
Solution: Charlie

Question: Blake English Poet Who Illustrated His Own Work
Solution: William

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