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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: You Got Lucky Girl When I Found You Sang
Solution: Tom petty

Question: A Bad Workman Blames These
Solution: His tools

Question: An Audience After A Performance
Solution: Clapping

Question: Area Of North West Italy With Turin As The Capital
Solution: Piedmont

Question: Automatic Physical Reaction
Solution: Knee jerk

Question: Body Organ That Secretes Glucagon
Solution: Pancreas

Question: Colourful Allium That Is Actually Purple
Solution: Red onion

Question: Crispy Fried Cubes Of Bread To Decorate Soups
Solution: Croutons

Question: Crystallized Green Stems Used As Cake Toppers
Solution: Angelica

Question: Deng Leader Of China From 1978 1989
Solution: Xiaoping

Question: He Finished 2nd Place In 2009 X Factor
Solution: Olly murs

Question: Industrial Building With Rotating Vanes
Solution: Windmill

Question: Lucky Charm With Magic Powers
Solution: Talisman

Question: Native From The South American City La Paz
Solution: Bolivian

Question: Nurses Who Specialize In Childbirth
Solution: Midwives

Question: One With Hope
Solution: Aspirant

Question: Owner Of The 1957 Chevy In Family Guy Glen
Solution: Quagmire

Question: Property Of The Tape Invented By Richard E Drew
Solution: Adhesive

Question: Supreme Self Confidence
Solution: Chutzpah

Question: Term Meaning Every Two Years
Solution: Biennial

Question: Triskaidekaphobia Is The Fear Of
Solution: Thirteen

Question: Unexplained Series Of Designs At Nazca
Solution: Geoglyph

Question: When February Has 29 Days
Solution: Leap year

Question: You Eat These With Maple Syrup
Solution: Pancakes

Question: You Got Lucky Girl When He Found You
Solution: Tom petty

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