Codycross Casino Group 264 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 1916 Irish Revolt Against British Rule Rising
Solution: Easter

Question: A Of Cubs And Kittens
Solution: Litter

Question: Archery Targets
Solution: Bosses

Question: Avoided Failed To Be Captured
Solution: Evaded

Question: Daisy Rey In Star Wars The Force Awakens
Solution: Ridley

Question: Fiji Is An Nation
Solution: Island

Question: One Who Says Anagram Of Torque
Solution: Quoter

Question: Skeletally Scanned
Solution: Xrayed

Question: Sound Of A Titter Or Giggle
Solution: Tee hee

Question: Story By Matthew Mark Or Luke
Solution: Gospel

Question: The Dark Lord Of Mordor
Solution: Sauron

Question: The Time Of Greatest Successes
Solution: Heyday

Question: To Board A Plane Or Ship For A Journey
Solution: Embark

Question: To Turn Into Bone To Petrify
Solution: Ossify

Question: Traditional Ascot Races Headgear For Men
Solution: Top hat

Question: Ages Period Between Antiquity And Renaissance
Solution: Middle

Question: Jack Notorious 18th Century Pirate
Solution: Calico

Question: Wheel Bladed Device Propelling A Ship
Solution: Paddle

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