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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Usually Circular Line Encompassing An Area
Solution: Circuit

Question: Amy Aviatrix Flew From Britain To Australia
Solution: Johnson

Question: Another Name For Kettledrums
Solution: Timpani

Question: Brown Black Gray Jasper Named For A Spanish Artist
Solution: Picasso

Question: Carve This Large Orange Vegetable At Halloween
Solution: Pumpkin

Question: Cash An ATM To Dispense The Notes For Shopping
Solution: Machine

Question: Certainly Not Strict
Solution: Lenient

Question: Company Distilling Cordon Bleu
Solution: Martell

Question: Corby Press An Iconic Product From Britain
Solution: Trouser

Question: Diaphragm Spasms
Solution: Hiccups

Question: Famous WWII Tank
Solution: Sherman

Question: Fatty Acid Used In Soaps
Solution: Stearic

Question: Frostys Genus
Solution: Snowman

Question: Greek Goddess Of Corn And Fruitfulness
Solution: Demeter

Question: Hormone That Regulates Glucose In The Blood
Solution: Insulin

Question: Intensely Deep Red
Solution: Crimson

Question: Italian City Buried Under Ash In AD79
Solution: Pompeii

Question: Large Sledges Traditionally Pulled By Reindeer
Solution: Sleighs

Question: Link Or Join Together
Solution: Connect

Question: Machado Brazilian Writer Of Realist Novels
Solution: De assis

Question: Open Spaces In Towns For Buying And Selling
Solution: Markets

Question: Pain In The Hearing Organ
Solution: Earache

Question: Pakistani City Known As The Paris Of Asia
Solution: Karachi

Question: Passed Date Of Validity
Solution: Expired

Question: Physical Therapist Anagram Of Erasmus
Solution: Masseur

Question: Player Going First In 4 Can Win 100 Of The Times
Solution: Connect

Question: Power Over Others Or A Machine
Solution: Control

Question: Retail Shopping To Make You Feel Better
Solution: Therapy

Question: Someone Who Investigates Suspicious Deaths
Solution: Coroner

Question: South China Sea Islands Claimed By Vietnam China
Solution: Paracel

Question: Stadio Artemio Fiorentina Football Home
Solution: Franchi

Question: Tiny Glass Balls For Rolling Or Collecting
Solution: Marbles

Question: To Feed Nurture
Solution: Nourish

Question: Turned Into A Liquid Smoothie By A Machine
Solution: Blended

Question: Underground Stem That Produces Roots And Shoots
Solution: Rhizome

Question: Well Liked
Solution: Popular

Question: What One Cannot Do If He She Cant Obey
Solution: Command

Question: Yarn Measure Equivalent To 18 Hanks Or 126 Skeins
Solution: Spindle

Question: Heaven State Of Euphoria 90s Show
Solution: Seventh

Question: Sorter Machine To Separate Unattractive Foods
Solution: Blemish

Question: Tree A Boston Elm Focus Of Revolutionary Zeal
Solution: Liberty

Question: Daro Rediscovered Indus Valley Civilization
Solution: Mohenjo

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