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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Add These To Mulled Wine
Solution: Spices

Question: Add These To Mulled Wine To Flavour It
Solution: Spices

Question: Alice Wrote The Color Purple
Solution: Walker

Question: An Enzyme Secreted By The Stomach Wall
Solution: Pepsin

Question: Ancient Site Spring At Mount Hermon
Solution: Banias

Question: Art Supporters
Solution: Easels

Question: Battle Of 1389 Where Ottomans Defeated Serbs
Solution: Kosovo

Question: Call To
Solution: Action

Question: Canvas Supports
Solution: Easels

Question: Country Where The Negev Desert Is Located
Solution: Israel

Question: Desired Yearned
Solution: Longed

Question: Gary UK Actor Dracula Star
Solution: Oldman

Question: Grimy Rock Music
Solution: Grunge

Question: Jewelry Or Object Covered With Gold
Solution: Plated

Question: Mitsubishi Model Sounds Like A Military Leader
Solution: Shogun

Question: Object Coated With Gold
Solution: Plated

Question: Old Nursery Rhyme And Kids Singing Game Bridge
Solution: London

Question: TV Show Lifestyles Of The Rich And
Solution: Famous

Question: Telescopic Optical Zooming
Solution: Vision

Question: Weight Boxing Division Less Than Middleweight
Solution: Welter

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