Codycross Casino Group 263 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Chocolate And Walnut Tart Created In Kentucky
Solution: Derby pie

Question: A Pair Of Ligaments In The Human Knee
Solution: Cruciate

Question: Aircraft Designed To Land On The Ocean
Solution: Seaplane

Question: Ben Wrote Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk
Solution: Fountain

Question: Bright Mineral Blue John Is A Variety
Solution: Fluorite

Question: Colorful Mineral Blue John Is A Variety
Solution: Fluorite

Question: Describes A Horse With A Reddish Brown Coat
Solution: Chestnut

Question: Dirty Harrys Last Name
Solution: Callahan

Question: Facial Accessory Worn By Pirates
Solution: Eyepatch

Question: Getting Popular On Twitter
Solution: Trending

Question: Light Rays From Our Star
Solution: Sunbeams

Question: Mass Movement By A Fleeing Crowd
Solution: Stampede

Question: Model Gisele Is Married To Tom Brady
Solution: Bundchen

Question: Piratical Facial Accessory
Solution: Eyepatch

Question: Redeemable After 12 Months
Solution: Yearling

Question: Showy Frivolous Trifling Thing Of No Consequence
Solution: Frippery

Question: Strategy Game With Turning Cogs
Solution: Downfall

Question: Ziggy And The Spiders From Mars
Solution: Stardust

Question: Ali One Of The Greatest Boxers Of All Time
Solution: Muhammad

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