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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Anakin Skywalker Christensen
Solution: Hayden

Question: Author Of The Play Blithe Spirit Noel
Solution: Coward

Question: Fish That Gave Birth To The Stars In Maori Folklore
Solution: Ikaroa

Question: Flavoring For A Satay Dipping Sauce
Solution: Peanut

Question: Greek Poetess Symbolic Of Female Homosexuality
Solution: Sappho

Question: Inactive Farmland Left Plowed But Not Sown
Solution: Fallow

Question: Juan Spanish King Appointed By Franco
Solution: Carlos

Question: Key Ingredient For A Satay Dipping Sauce
Solution: Peanut

Question: Marilynne Robinsons Book About Fathers And Sons
Solution: Gilead

Question: Moving Without Anchor Or Mooring
Solution: Adrift

Question: Novel By Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne Of Green
Solution: Gables

Question: Of The Eyes
Solution: Ocular

Question: Roller Small Wheeled Footwear
Solution: Skates

Question: Sikh Symbol A Double Edged Sword
Solution: Khanda

Question: Small Inflatable Boat Often Made Of Rubber
Solution: Dinghy

Question: Star Trek Weapon Of Choice
Solution: Phaser

Question: Study Of Light Wide Array Of Applications
Solution: Optics

Question: Thin Stick Used To Pierce Meat Stack And Grill It
Solution: Skewer

Question: To Scribble Aimlessly
Solution: Doodle

Question: What Jesus Rode On Into Jerusalem On Palm Sunday
Solution: Donkey

Question: Loren Italian Actress Married To Carlo Ponti
Solution: Sophia

Question: Prince Is The Smart Kid In The Simpsons
Solution: Martin

Question: Summer Unseasonably Warm Autumn Weather
Solution: Indian

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