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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Attached Washing To A Line With Clips
Solution: Pegged

Question: Chicago Based Improv Theater Troupe City
Solution: Second

Question: Convex Gardening Spatula To Transplant Seedlings
Solution: Widger

Question: Element Used In X Rays And Rat Poison
Solution: Barium

Question: First Ruler Of Akkad In Northern Mesopotamia
Solution: Sargon

Question: Greek Titan And The Father Of Zeus
Solution: Kronos

Question: Health Professionals Who Work With Doctors
Solution: Nurses

Question: It Means Thanks In Italian
Solution: Grazie

Question: Plundered Place Such As A Town
Solution: Sacked

Question: Scotch Hat Shaped Aka Caribbean Red Pepper
Solution: Bonnet

Question: SpaceXs Launch Vehicle
Solution: Falcon

Question: Spiky Wire Pioneered By Lucien B Smith
Solution: Barbed

Question: Spiritual Calm Chinese Martial Art
Solution: Qigong

Question: The Girl With The Dragon Book By Stieg Larsson
Solution: Tattoo

Question: To Suck The Air And Dirt From Carpets Or Rugs
Solution: Vacuum

Question: Ghost Crabs Live In The Indo Pacific Region
Solution: Horned

Question: Loir North French Dept Named After Two Rivers
Solution: Eure et

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