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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Blade Fitted At The End Of A Musket
Solution: Bayonet

Question: Chimamanda Ngozi Wrote Half Of A Yellow Sun
Solution: Adichie

Question: Country Where Belfast Is Located Northern
Solution: Ireland

Question: Douwe Coffee Brand Founded In The Netherlands
Solution: Egberts

Question: Fire Toads Have Bright Red Spotted Stomachs
Solution: Bellied

Question: Fruit Fruit Paste In Fun Kid Friendly Form
Solution: Rollups

Question: It Means Hell In Italian
Solution: Inferno

Question: Les Demoiselles D Picasso Painting
Solution: Avignon

Question: Medicine For Upset Stomach Indigestion Or Nausea
Solution: Bismuth

Question: Muhammad Alis Birth Name Clay
Solution: Cassius

Question: Nonbelief In The Existence Of God
Solution: Atheism

Question: Paired Percussion Instrument Of Seed Filled Gourds
Solution: Maracas

Question: Rock Once Molten
Solution: Igneous

Question: Roman King Of The Gods
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Someone Who Bets Money On Games Or Races
Solution: Gambler

Question: The Opposite Of Lights
Solution: Shadows

Question: To Render Something Valueless
Solution: Nullify

Question: Will US Actor Of Anchorman Step Brothers
Solution: Ferrell

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