Codycross Amusement Park Group 214 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: A Person Who Works As A Landscaper
Solution: Gardener

Question: Activity Requiring Physical Effort
Solution: Exercise

Question: Almond Paste Covering For Simnel Cake
Solution: Marzipan

Question: Cards Against US Satirical Non PC Party Game
Solution: Humanity

Question: Gift Granted To Blarney Stone Kissers
Solution: Of the gab

Question: It Was Nice Doing With You
Solution: Business

Question: Le Canadian Newscast By Genevieve Asselin
Solution: National

Question: Living Species Neither Human Nor Domesticated
Solution: Wildlife

Question: Mincing Blending Grating Drilling
Solution: Grinding

Question: Montanas Biggest City Near Yellowstone Park
Solution: Billings

Question: Mountain Chain That Separates France And Spain
Solution: Pyrenees

Question: One Of The Parts Of The Small Intestine
Solution: Duodenum

Question: Popular Singing Competition With Famous Judges
Solution: The voice

Question: Sholem Russian Writer Of Fiddler On The Roof
Solution: Aleichem

Question: St Francis Patron Saint Of Animals
Solution: Of assisi

Question: The Apple 1 Was Released In 1976
Solution: Computer

Question: Throw Out A Sprat To Catch A
Solution: Mackerel

Question: Weight Loss Activity That Requires Physical Effort
Solution: Exercise

Question: English Dialect Of English Spoken In The US
Solution: American

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