Codycross Amusement Park Group 212 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: Agitated Distressed Perturbed
Solution: Restless

Question: An In Paris Won The Academy Awards In 1952
Solution: American

Question: Andersens Tale Of Dancing Feet In Bright Footwear
Solution: Red shoes

Question: As As A Mule
Solution: Stubborn

Question: Beat Time Whereby A Boxer Needs To Get Up
Solution: The count

Question: Bridge Designer Or App Creator
Solution: Engineer

Question: Capital City Of India
Solution: New delhi

Question: Famous German Fighter Pilot Called Ace Of Aces
Solution: Red baron

Question: Greek Squeaky Cheese Grilled Or Barbecued
Solution: Halloumi

Question: Group Of Rays With Barbed Stingers
Solution: Stingray

Question: Hubert De French Designer For Audrey Hepburn
Solution: Givenchy

Question: It Can Be One Mans Trash
Solution: Treasure

Question: Mouse Trap Is A 3D Board Game For Kids
Solution: Building

Question: Musical Instrument Often Linked To Scotland
Solution: Bagpipes

Question: Popular Dental Anesthetic Nitrous Oxide Or Gas
Solution: Laughing

Question: Radio Broadcasting Frequencies
Solution: Airwaves

Question: Someone You Dont Know Rhymes With Danger
Solution: Stranger

Question: Study Of Natural Or Biological Character
Solution: Ethology

Question: Tabloid Magazine The National
Solution: Enquirer

Question: The Sea Raven Is Bright Yellow With Prickly Fins
Solution: Atlantic

Question: This Angel Can Make Your Business Dream Come True
Solution: Investor

Question: This Belt Moves Luggage At An Airport
Solution: Conveyor

Question: To Quickly Increase In Size Or Intensity
Solution: Snowball

Question: Wheel And Column Controlled By A Vehicles Driver
Solution: Steering

Question: Ball Non Straight Pitch In Baseball
Solution: Breaking

Question: Driving Is A Major Traffic Violation In The US
Solution: Reckless

Question: Of May 1808 Goyas War Artwork
Solution: The third

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