Codycross Amusement Park Group 211 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: Downfalls Shortcomings
Solution: Failings

Question: Female Counterpart To Egyptian Sun God
Solution: Raet tawy

Question: Illegal Felonious Illicit Lawless
Solution: Criminal

Question: Important To Quranic Teaching Tunisian City
Solution: Kairouan

Question: Judas Surname
Solution: Iscariot

Question: Kim US Actress Nine 1 2 Weeks
Solution: Basinger

Question: Large Bodies Of Troops Special Forces Or Groups
Solution: Brigades

Question: Movie About Critters That You Shouldnt Get Wet
Solution: Gremlins

Question: One Of The Months Of The Calendar
Solution: December

Question: Process Involving Lead Started In 6500 BC Turkey
Solution: Smelting

Question: Return To Full Health
Solution: Recovery

Question: Righting A Wrong On Behalf Of Someone
Solution: Avenging

Question: Sideboard Cupboard Found In Dining Room
Solution: Credenza

Question: Someone Who Admires Intensely And Often Blindly
Solution: Idolater

Question: Spanish Principality Oviedo Is Its Capital
Solution: Asturias

Question: Sunrise Dawn
Solution: Cockcrow

Question: Text Attached At The End Of A Book Or Report
Solution: Addendum

Question: The Slope Of A Raised Area Of Land
Solution: Hillside

Question: This Sport Combines Basketball And Soccer
Solution: Handball

Question: US Comic Strip About A Lasagna Loving Feline
Solution: Garfield

Question: When Chemicals Transform From One Set To Another
Solution: Reaction

Question: Woody Aromatic Evergreen Shrub Used As Herb
Solution: Rosemary

Question: Island Is A 1950 Walt Disney Productions Film
Solution: Treasure

Question: To His Taste
Solution: Everyone

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