Codycross Amusement Park Group 210 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: 1971 Girls Name Hit For Rod Stewart
Solution: Maggie may

Question: A Deck Behind The House
Solution: Back porch

Question: A Mythological Magical Or Folklore Story
Solution: Fairy tale

Question: A Variety Of Gypsum Selenite
Solution: Satinspar

Question: Ancient Roman Heating System For Buildings
Solution: Hypocaust

Question: Armored Mammal With Pointy Snout
Solution: Armadillo

Question: Captain Von Trapp Sings About This Alpine Flower
Solution: Edelweiss

Question: Day Of Holy Day Also Known As Yom Kippur
Solution: Atonement

Question: Fighter In An Irregular War Spanish Origin
Solution: Guerrilla

Question: French Enamelwork Setting Vitreous Pieces In Grids
Solution: Cloisonne

Question: Furthest From The Centre
Solution: Outermost

Question: Furthest From The Middle
Solution: Outermost

Question: In The US Drink Mixer And Server
Solution: Bartender

Question: Led Brazil To 1962 World Cup After Pele
Solution: Garrincha

Question: Luke Star Wars Protagonist
Solution: Skywalker

Question: Mammal With Pointy Snout Reinforced Shell
Solution: Armadillo

Question: Method To Disseminate Real Time Content Live
Solution: Streaming

Question: Pee Wees Mr Hermans Oddball Junior Show
Solution: Playhouse

Question: Political Ideology Of Communal Ownership
Solution: Socialism

Question: Quick Spreading Respiratory Disease
Solution: Influenza

Question: Scotch Whisky And Amaretto On The Rocks
Solution: Godfather

Question: Small Blood Vessel
Solution: Capillary

Question: So Many So Many Customs
Solution: Countries

Question: Sydney Smith Airport Busiest In Australia
Solution: Kingsford

Question: To Make Someone Feel Self Conscious
Solution: Embarrass

Question: Two Teams Vying To Be The Winner
Solution: Finalists

Question: Used To Ride Waves
Solution: Surfboard

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