Codycross Amusement Park Group 209 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: A Dead End
Solution: Impasse

Question: A Subcategory Of A Broader Category
Solution: Hyponym

Question: Another Word For Police
Solution: Officer

Question: Child Actress Dakota
Solution: Fanning

Question: Civil Disobedience Is Resistance
Solution: Passive

Question: Dance Around This In The Fifth Month Of The Year
Solution: Maypole

Question: Directions Or Position While Flying
Solution: Bearing

Question: Do Not Wear Out Your
Solution: Welcome

Question: Emotionless Humor
Solution: Deadpan

Question: Frodos Last Name
Solution: Baggins

Question: Glass Window On The Ceiling Of A Car
Solution: Sunroof

Question: Illustrious Distinguished
Solution: Eminent

Question: Inquisitive Prying
Solution: Curious

Question: La French Mail Order Company Founded In 1837
Solution: Redoute

Question: Longest River In Asia Chang Jiang
Solution: Yangtze

Question: Middle Eastern Drum With A Rounded Back
Solution: Naqareh

Question: Mouth Surgeon Always Asks If Youve Been Flossing
Solution: Dentist

Question: One Eyed Greek Creatures
Solution: Cyclops

Question: Plumber Suction Tool
Solution: Plunger

Question: Propelled A Boat By Hand
Solution: Paddled

Question: Short Form For Citizens Band Communication
Solution: Cb radio

Question: Side Of A Coin With The Monarchs Head On
Solution: Obverse

Question: Small Computer Component With Inputs Functions
Solution: Circuit

Question: The Giraffe Hot Dali Painting
Solution: Burning

Question: To Overturn In Water
Solution: Capsize

Question: To Put An End To
Solution: Abolish

Question: Shakespeare Co Speedy Abridged Acting Troupe
Solution: Reduced

Question: Animal Kids Plush Toy Teddy The Most Popular
Solution: Stuffed

Question: Corals Are Also Known As Flower Corals
Solution: Bristle

Question: Del Toro Actor Known For His Role In Traffic
Solution: Benicio

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