Codycross Amusement Park Group 204 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: A Parcel Not Yet Broached
Solution: Unopened

Question: A Parrot With An Erectile Crest
Solution: Cockatoo

Question: A Slovenly Woman
Solution: Slattern

Question: Actor John Starred In 70s Musical Grease
Solution: Travolta

Question: Alcatel Mobile Phone Model Range
Solution: One touch

Question: Aromatic Spice Green Pods With Black Seeds
Solution: Cardamom

Question: BMW The Driving Machine
Solution: Ultimate

Question: Citadel Impenetrable Stronghold
Solution: Fortress

Question: Clay Or Other China Vessel For Growing Things In
Solution: Plant pot

Question: Dark Haired Macabre Wife Of Gomez Addams
Solution: Morticia

Question: Dessert Eaten At Chinas Mid Autumn Festival
Solution: Mooncake

Question: Field Covers What Leads To Human Reproduction
Solution: Sexology

Question: Having Minute Dots Or Spots
Solution: Punctate

Question: Judas One Of The 12 Disciples
Solution: Iscariot

Question: Large Rock That Orbits The Sun Belt
Solution: Asteroid

Question: Letters And Tiles Spelling Board Game
Solution: Scrabble

Question: Old Town Area Of Hamburg With Ancient Deichstrasse
Solution: Altstadt

Question: Seats Chosen For A Passenger By The Airline
Solution: Assigned

Question: Strong Current Beneath A River Or Seas Surface
Solution: Undertow

Question: Substance Needed For A Healthy Growth
Solution: Nutrient

Question: The Daughter Of A Monarch
Solution: Princess

Question: Those Who Illegally Follow Or Harass Others
Solution: Stalkers

Question: Top Of Ships Mast Title Of Newspaper
Solution: Masthead

Question: Trickery Duplicity
Solution: Artifice

Question: Water Activity With Paddle And Dugout Boat
Solution: Canoeing

Question: Pass Paperwork Issued By Airline For Check In
Solution: Boarding

Question: Stove Bulbous Wood Burning Device
Solution: Potbelly

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