Codycross Amusement Park Group 202 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: Arctic Animals With Huge Tusks And Whiskers
Solution: Walrus

Question: Article Used At Table To Wipe Lips Or Fingers
Solution: Napkin

Question: Being For The Benefit Of A John Lennon Tune
Solution: Mr kite

Question: Chinese Daggers Mounted On A Detachable Ring
Solution: Emeici

Question: Cloth Used To Wipe Lips Or Fingers While Eating
Solution: Napkin

Question: European City With A Casino Called Crockfords
Solution: London

Question: Formal Black Tie Attire For Men
Solution: Tuxedo

Question: It Is Said That They Use Only 10 Of Their Brains
Solution: Humans

Question: Joseph Levitt Actor Filmmaker Producer
Solution: Gordon

Question: Large Thai Island Internationally Popular Resort
Solution: Phuket

Question: Ordained Minister Below A Priest
Solution: Deacon

Question: Pierce With A Sharp Item Like Falling On A Fence
Solution: Impale

Question: School Or College Treasurer
Solution: Bursar

Question: Shrub Also Known As Wattles
Solution: Acacia

Question: Simple Campfire Australian Bread
Solution: Damper

Question: South American Nation Land Of Many Waters
Solution: Guyana

Question: Summer Fall Winter Or Spring
Solution: Season

Question: The Way A Martial Artist Stands Ready To Fight
Solution: Stance

Question: The Worlds Second Smallest Country
Solution: Monaco

Question: Three Wheeled Motorized Rickshaw Type Vehicle
Solution: Tuk tuk

Question: To Decipher Crack Decrypt
Solution: Decode

Question: Type Of Wall Built By British Band Oasis
Solution: Wonder

Question: US State Has More Coastline Than The 49 Combined
Solution: Alaska

Question: Wild Undomesticated Untamed
Solution: Savage

Question: Olympic Stadium 2004 Spyros Louis
Solution: Athens

Question: Seconds Over Tokyo US Movie Doolittle Raid
Solution: Thirty

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