Codycross Amusement Park Group 202 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Amusement Park

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Codycross Amusement Park Answers

Question: Appendages At The Ends Of Your Hands
Solution: Fingers

Question: Beg Or Implore
Solution: Beseech

Question: Chinese And Peasants Army Red Flag Wavers
Solution: Workers

Question: Creature With Unconfirmed Existence
Solution: Cryptid

Question: Cutting Back A Plant
Solution: Pruning

Question: Debra Who Was Grace In Will Grace
Solution: Messing

Question: Dressed Up
Solution: Prinked

Question: Gently Hitting A Golf Ball On The Green
Solution: Putting

Question: Glassy Materials Study Of Glassware
Solution: Vitrics

Question: Harmful Damaging Chafing
Solution: Painful

Question: Insulating Storage Vessel Keeps Liquid Hot Or Cold
Solution: Thermos

Question: It Is Sweet
Solution: Revenge

Question: Italian Fashion House Of Colorful Knitwear
Solution: Missoni

Question: Italian Writer Of Our Ancestors Trilogy
Solution: Calvino

Question: Kitchen Appliance It Grinds And Mixes
Solution: Blender

Question: Mediterranean Plant Mustard Like Used In Salad
Solution: Arugula

Question: Music Performance By Band Singer Or Orchestra
Solution: Concert

Question: Natural Formal And Social Are Three Types Of This
Solution: Science

Question: Patron Figure Of Dancers And Actors
Solution: St vitus

Question: Shiver With Excitement
Solution: Tremble

Question: Sorcerer Man Who Practices Witchcraft
Solution: Warlock

Question: This Athlete Is Not An Aerialist Or Trapezist
Solution: Acrobat

Question: Tonya Infamous For Kerrigan Confrontation
Solution: Harding

Question: Trapeze Artist Who Is Not The Flyer
Solution: Catcher

Question: Worlds Largest Ocean
Solution: Pacific

Question: Cup Trophy Awarded To The NHL Winner
Solution: Stanley

Question: Operations Executive WWII Espionage Unit
Solution: Special

Question: Croucher Is Gray With Red Spots All Over
Solution: Spotted

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