Codycross Treasure Island Group 1021 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Treasure Island

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Codycross Treasure Island Answers

Question: Books Sold To Bookshops Cheaply Or Below Price
Solution: Remainder

Question: Dry Out Remove All Moisture
Solution: Desiccate

Question: Girl In The Title Of Van Morrisons 1967 Hit
Solution: Brown eyed

Question: Instrument Used For Stargazing
Solution: Telescope

Question: Large Flightless Bird Native To NE Australia
Solution: Cassowary

Question: Large Flightless Bird Of Northeast Australia
Solution: Cassowary

Question: Last Great King Of The Zulus
Solution: Cetshwayo

Question: Magical TV Series Starring Elizabeth Montgomery
Solution: Bewitched

Question: Most Exclusive Top Floor Apartment Or Suite
Solution: Penthouse

Question: Seed Thats Essential To Hot Chocolate
Solution: Cocoa bean

Question: Stadium Specifically For Cycling
Solution: Velodrome

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