Codycross Transports Group 120 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Bambi Rides This
Solution: Motorbike

Question: A Bank Balance That Is Below Zero
Solution: Overdrawn

Question: A Persons Anatomy Schedule Aka Circadian Rhythm
Solution: Body clock

Question: Burn The Midnight Oil Highbrows Do This
Solution: Lucubrate

Question: During This Time
Solution: Meanwhile

Question: Famous American Rapper With Canine Nickname
Solution: Snoop dogg

Question: Fast Internet Not Dial Up
Solution: Broadband

Question: Flight Videogame About Flying Aircrafts
Solution: Simulator

Question: Lanky Canine Rapper Known For Love Of Weed
Solution: Snoop dogg

Question: Love Interest Of Bridget Jones
Solution: Mark darcy

Question: Montreal Hockey Team Member Of NHL
Solution: Canadiens

Question: Not A Vowel
Solution: Consonant

Question: Once Upon A Movie With Cary Grant
Solution: Honeymoon

Question: One Of Davids Wives Mother Of Solomon
Solution: Bathsheba

Question: Popular US Fruit Juice Brand
Solution: Tropicana

Question: Robbery Involving Bank Employees
Solution: Inside job

Question: The Count Of Monte Cristo By Dumas
Solution: Alexandre

Question: The One Who Shouldnt Be Shot
Solution: Messenger

Question: Type Of Ride In An Amusement Park Using Cars
Solution: Bumpercar

Question: Way Of Thinking
Solution: Mentality

Question: Tiger Hidden Dragon
Solution: Crouching

Question: Is The Belief In An Existence Post Death
Solution: Afterlife

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