Codycross Transports Group 120 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Action Films Include The Indiana Jones Franchise
Solution: Adventure

Question: Brightest Star In The Constellation Of Taurus
Solution: Aldebaran

Question: Charlie Browns Avian Pal Music Festival
Solution: Woodstock

Question: Describes A Conqueror Of The Minoan Civilization
Solution: Mycenaean

Question: Diuretics Is A Type Of For Heart Problems
Solution: Treatment

Question: Electronic Devices That Changed The World
Solution: Computers

Question: Fiery Feeling In The Chest Gastric Reflux
Solution: Heartburn

Question: Gave A Rough Guess On Numbers
Solution: Estimated

Question: Identical And Twins
Solution: Fraternal

Question: Large Sheet Of Paper Printed On One Side
Solution: Broadside

Question: Mesa Is A Land With Steep Walls And A Flat Top
Solution: Formation

Question: Only Woman To Get The RIBA Stirling Prize
Solution: Zaha hadid

Question: People Who Live In There
Solution: Occupants

Question: Prim Shocked By Rudeness And Bad Behaviour
Solution: And proper

Question: Recipe Prepared With Thinly Sliced Onions
Solution: Lyonnaise

Question: Rodents Living In Rivers UK Showbiz Charity
Solution: Water rats

Question: Snoopys Avian Pal Famous Music Festival
Solution: Woodstock

Question: Steady Unwavering
Solution: Assiduous

Question: Sweetener Added To Drinks As A Sugar Substitute
Solution: Aspartame

Question: The Carving Or Engraving On Whale Bones
Solution: Scrimshaw

Question: The Cat Who Says Sufferin Succotash A Lot
Solution: Sylvester

Question: Thick Piece Of Material Used In Handling Hot Pans
Solution: Pot holder

Question: Where The German WWI Fleet Was Scuttled In 1919
Solution: Scapa flow

Question: Worn Beneath Pants
Solution: Underwear

Question: X Nickname Of Charles Xavier In X Men
Solution: Professor

Question: Day A Happy Momentous Occasion
Solution: Red letter

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