Codycross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Body Of Persons Chosen To Advise Or Investigate
Solution: Committee

Question: Acted On Anticipation
Solution: Preempted

Question: Apply This In Rooms To Decorate Them
Solution: Wallpaper

Question: Battle Of Between The Hindu Kings And The Arabs
Solution: Rajasthan

Question: Bottle Shaped Squash With Orange Flesh
Solution: Butternut

Question: Canines That Protect Properties
Solution: Watchdogs

Question: Convincing Lifelike Faithful
Solution: Realistic

Question: Following The Rules To The Letter
Solution: By the book

Question: Free Reed Wind Instrument Played In Blues
Solution: Harmonica

Question: Golden Controversial Exit Payments For CEOs
Solution: Parachute

Question: HTML Markup Language
Solution: Hypertext

Question: Hides Blemishes Dark Circles Under Eyes
Solution: Concealer

Question: It Never Strikes The Same Place Twice
Solution: Lightning

Question: Italian Film Director
Solution: Mario bava

Question: Natural Understanding Of Need
Solution: Intuition

Question: New Orleans Jazz Popular With White Musicians
Solution: Dixieland

Question: Off Road Motorcycle Racing
Solution: Motocross

Question: Person Who Does Routine Work In A Business Office
Solution: Secretary

Question: Place Where A Judge Works
Solution: Courtroom

Question: San City Famous For Its Suspension Bridge
Solution: Francisco

Question: Semi Precious Gemstone Similar To Sard
Solution: Carnelian

Question: Shia Holy City Baghdad Neighborhood
Solution: Kadhimiya

Question: Stupid Person With Senseless Cranium
Solution: Numbskull

Question: The Way A Person Lives
Solution: Lifestyle

Question: Tough Flexible Tissue Found In Parts Of The Body
Solution: Cartilage

Question: Traditionally Grooms Carry Brides Over This
Solution: Threshold

Question: Two Of Verona A Shakespeares Comedy
Solution: Gentlemen

Question: Usually The First Meal Of The Day
Solution: Breakfast

Question: What Lisa Plays In The Simpsons
Solution: Saxophone

Question: White Flowers Famously Worn By Billie Holiday
Solution: Gardenias

Question: Widely Planted Grape Helps Make Cognac
Solution: Trebbiano

Question: Wife Of Perseus Placed In The Stars After Death
Solution: Andromeda

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