Codycross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A In Bohemia Tale About An Incriminating Photo
Solution: Scandal

Question: A Very Long Time Ago Pre Roman Empire
Solution: Ancient

Question: Agrees To An Offer
Solution: Accepts

Question: An Affective State Of Consciousness
Solution: Emotion

Question: Anticoagulants Are Used To Blood Clots
Solution: Prevent

Question: Appliance That Can Be Found In A Kitchen
Solution: Toaster

Question: Clothing Gear
Solution: Apparel

Question: Commander Of A Ship Plane Police
Solution: Captain

Question: Complete And Utter Disorder
Solution: Chaotic

Question: Culture Rhyming Phrase For One Who Loves Arts
Solution: Vulture

Question: Deliciously Yummy So You Want Extra Helpings
Solution: Moreish

Question: Dont Miss A Parker Brothers 1965 Board Game
Solution: The boat

Question: Freshwater Man Eater
Solution: Piranha

Question: German Luxury Car Brand
Solution: Porsche

Question: Houses Inhabited By Ghosts Spirits
Solution: Haunted

Question: In UK English Food That Makes You Want More Is
Solution: Moreish

Question: Jane Chimpanzee Expert UN Messenger Of Peace
Solution: Goodall

Question: Literary Work That Defends Authors Ideas
Solution: Apology

Question: Loud Trumpet At Sports Events
Solution: Air horn

Question: Loud Compressed Air At Sports Events
Solution: Air horn

Question: Made Blurred Or Smeared
Solution: Smudged

Question: Points Of Spiritual Power Along The Body
Solution: Chakras

Question: Rachel Sherlock Holmes Actress
Solution: Mcadams

Question: Romantic Loving
Solution: Amorous

Question: Second Largest Moon On Neptune
Solution: Proteus

Question: Shorter Work Of Fiction But Longer Than An Essay
Solution: Novella

Question: Southern German Region Known For Oktoberfest
Solution: Bavaria

Question: Soviet Unions First Artificial Satellite
Solution: Sputnik

Question: Spanish Sherry Usually Medium Dry
Solution: Amoroso

Question: They Assemble In Covens
Solution: Witches

Question: Necessities Jungle Book Ditty
Solution: The bare

Question: Skies TV Show About An Alien Invasion
Solution: Falling

Question: Cichlids Are Also Called Mbuna Cichlids
Solution: African

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