Codycross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Sugar A Gliding Possum That Is Kept As Pet
Solution: Glider

Question: A In Time Saves Nine
Solution: Stitch

Question: Apples Calling Device Released In 2007
Solution: Iphone

Question: Beam Is The Width Of A Ship The Midpoint
Solution: Widest

Question: Carpal Tunnel Affects This Set Of Bones
Solution: Wrists

Question: Creature Part Tiger Part Carp In Japanese Folklore
Solution: Shachi

Question: First Mass Market Touchscreen Portable Phone
Solution: Iphone

Question: Hill Blues 80s Police Serial Drama
Solution: Street

Question: Large Metal Or Wooden Piece Carried For Protection
Solution: Shield

Question: Laura Maker Of Romantic Floral Dresses
Solution: Ashley

Question: Leather Pouch Used To Store Money And Credit Cards
Solution: Wallet

Question: Money Pocket In Mens Pants Womens Purses
Solution: Wallet

Question: Noisy Disturbance
Solution: Fracas

Question: Person Who Creates Visual Pieces
Solution: Artist

Question: Popular Chip Dish Actually From Texas Not Mexico
Solution: Nachos

Question: Psychoactive Spineless Cactus Drug Aka Mescaline
Solution: Peyote

Question: Queasy Feeling Need To Vomit
Solution: Nausea

Question: Small Sharp Piece Broken Off
Solution: Sliver

Question: Small Underground Room Usually To Store Wine
Solution: Cellar

Question: State Created In 1948 After WWII
Solution: Israel

Question: Stuff Which Every Physical Thing Is Made From
Solution: Matter

Question: Thai Taiwanese Tibetan Chinese
Solution: Asians

Question: The Illness That Claimed Eva Perons Life
Solution: Cancer

Question: The Inner Edges Of Flags Near The Flagpoles
Solution: Hoists

Question: The Sport Or Act Of Fighting With The Fists
Solution: Boxing

Question: Gaye Smooth Singer Murdered By His Father
Solution: Marvin

Question: Out A 2015 Animated Film About Emotions
Solution: Inside

Question: Writing Open Semantic Writing With No Words
Solution: Asemic

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