Codycross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Adam Driver In Star Wars The Force Awakens
Solution: Kylo ren

Question: Agatha Christies Character Poirot
Solution: Hercule

Question: Canine Latino Rapper Of 2014 World Cup
Solution: Pitbull

Question: French Inspired Olympic Sport Requires A Mask
Solution: Fencing

Question: Garment Worn By Divers To Insulate The Skin
Solution: Wetsuit

Question: Goddess Of Love And Beauty In Hinduism
Solution: Lakshmi

Question: Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity In Hinduism
Solution: Lakshmi

Question: Military Conflict
Solution: Warfare

Question: Mini Cars Driven Around Track By Kids
Solution: Go karts

Question: Mountain With Highest Elevation Above Sea Level
Solution: Everest

Question: Naval Commander In Chief Of A Large Fleet
Solution: Admiral

Question: Pinball Part That Strikes The Ball
Solution: Flipper

Question: Pizza Topping Despised By Many
Solution: Anchovy

Question: Spoon For Straining Food Eg Vegetables
Solution: Slotted

Question: To Deviate From Normal Path Go Another Way
Solution: Diverge

Question: Translated Bible Into English
Solution: Tyndale

Question: What One Should Do For The Worst
Solution: Prepare

Question: Party Overnight Kids Get Together
Solution: Slumber

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