Codycross Transports Group 118 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Adjective Used As A Noun
Solution: Adnoun

Question: Beverage Made With Eggs Milk Cream And Sugar
Solution: Eggnog

Question: Bunny Term From Fatal Attraction
Solution: Boiler

Question: Canadas Smallest Province Prince Island
Solution: Edward

Question: Cone Shaped Item Used To Pour Liquids Through
Solution: Funnel

Question: Found At The Back Steers A Ship Submarine
Solution: Rudder

Question: Fun Boat Trip
Solution: Cruise

Question: Handsome Youth Of Greek Mythology Killed By A Boar
Solution: Adonis

Question: Huge Serving Bowl For Dishing Up Soups And Stews
Solution: Tureen

Question: It Modifies The Verb Often Ends In Ly
Solution: Adverb

Question: James Earl Jones Is In The Lion King
Solution: Mufasa

Question: Large Beings In Norse Mythology Who Live Near Rocks
Solution: Trolls

Question: Last Bowler On A Team Keeps Team From Drifting
Solution: Anchor

Question: Loose Trousers For Casual Wear
Solution: Slacks

Question: Metallic Element Na Found In Common Salt
Solution: Sodium

Question: Perceived Color Of The Sun
Solution: Yellow

Question: Perceived Hue Of The Sun
Solution: Yellow

Question: Place For Keeping Files
Solution: Folder

Question: Ragtime Dance Shakes Hips And Shoulders
Solution: Shimmy

Question: Steep Walled Bowl Shaped Valley
Solution: Cirque

Question: Stringed Instrument Forerunner To The Guitar
Solution: Zither

Question: The Last One
Solution: Latter

Question: The Pigeon Hawk
Solution: Merlin

Question: To Put Money To Gain Returns
Solution: Invest

Question: Giant Clam Is Bright Blue With Spots
Solution: Crocus

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