Codycross Transports Group 117 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Lad A Young Man
Solution: Stripling

Question: A Stick Used By A Wizard To Cast Spells
Solution: Magic wand

Question: Bush With Yellow Flowers From Early Spring
Solution: Forsythia

Question: Coercion Using Incriminating Evidence
Solution: Blackmail

Question: Fructose Occurs In Fruits
Solution: Naturally

Question: Large House In The City Joined To Others
Solution: Townhouse

Question: Many Endemic Species Live In These Ecuador Islands
Solution: Galapagos

Question: Occasion To Wear Strings Of Beads In New Orleans
Solution: Mardi gras

Question: Penultimate Station For A Baseball Runner
Solution: Third base

Question: Portuguese Painter Jose Died 1887
Solution: Rodrigues

Question: Power Button For Closing Down Device
Solution: Off switch

Question: Prevented Something From Taking Place
Solution: Precluded

Question: Row Of Stitches Sewn On The Face Side Of A Garment
Solution: Topstitch

Question: Supermans Secret Identity
Solution: Clarkkent

Question: System Of Organs For Food In And Out Of A Body
Solution: Digestive

Question: Used By Wizards And Harry Potter To Make Spells
Solution: Magic wand

Question: When The Bottom Teeth Close Over The Top Teeth
Solution: Underbite

Question: Trevally Is An Inshore Marine Jack Fish
Solution: Coachwhip

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