Codycross Transports Group 117 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Abnormal Reaction Of The Body To A Substance
Solution: Allergy

Question: Animals Believed To Exist By Pseudoscientists
Solution: Cryptid

Question: Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Ship
Solution: Fortune

Question: Buying Something Back That You Sold
Solution: Buyback

Question: Fruit You Will Madly Fall In Love With
Solution: Passion

Question: Full Of Feelings Of Jealousy
Solution: Envious

Question: Highest Registered Instrument In The Brass Family
Solution: Trumpet

Question: Kitchen Scraping Implements
Solution: Peelers

Question: Nike Is The Greek Goddess Of
Solution: Victory

Question: Royal House Begun By George I In 1714
Solution: Hanover

Question: Small Patch Of Hair Over Your Eyelids
Solution: Eyebrow

Question: Son Of A Champion Racecar Driver Villeneuve
Solution: Jacques

Question: TV Channel That Focuses On The Past
Solution: History

Question: To Share A Message On Twitter
Solution: Retweet

Question: To Share Someone Elses Message On Twitter
Solution: Retweet

Question: Well Known African Country Capital Mogadishu
Solution: Somalia

Question: Welsh Cheese On Toast With A Twist
Solution: Rarebit

Question: Astronomy Is Watching The Sky
Solution: Amateur

Question: Pin Utensil Used For Flattening Dough
Solution: Rolling

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