Codycross Transports Group 116 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Act Of Insulting A Deity
Solution: Blasphemy

Question: Carried Norse Heroes To Valhalla
Solution: Valkyries

Question: Ceramic Material First Seen In Ancient China
Solution: Porcelain

Question: Greek Mythological River Where Achilles Was Dipped
Solution: River styx

Question: Heavy Metal Band Most Famous For Enter Sandman
Solution: Metallica

Question: Importunate Pressing
Solution: Insistent

Question: Kind Of Jam Made From Citrus Fruit
Solution: Marmalade

Question: Kind Of Jelly Preserve With Pieces Of Fruit
Solution: Marmalade

Question: Kit Lifter
Solution: Drum riser

Question: Land Area That Divides The Flow Of Water
Solution: Watershed

Question: Message Service Delivered With An Embrace
Solution: Kissagram

Question: Nationality Of The Fashion Model Gisele Bundchen
Solution: Brazilian

Question: Only Natural Exit In The Mediterranean
Solution: Gibraltar

Question: Opposite Of Benign
Solution: Malignant

Question: People Who Deliberately Destroy Or Damage Things
Solution: Saboteurs

Question: Person Who Helps Treat Mental Or Emotional Problems
Solution: Therapist

Question: Strait That Is A Natural Exit In The Mediterranean
Solution: Gibraltar

Question: The Game Film On Solving The Riddle Of Enigma
Solution: Imitation

Question: They Were Traditionally Made Of Ebony And Ivory
Solution: Piano keys

Question: US Word For Skirting In UK It Runs Around A Room
Solution: Baseboard

Question: Wilkie Collinss The The First Detective Novel
Solution: Moonstone

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