Codycross Transports Group 116 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Assign Distribute
Solution: Allocate

Question: Assigning Name To A Product Or Company
Solution: Branding

Question: Bipolar Is A Manic Depressive Illness
Solution: Disorder

Question: Country Where Cristiano Ronaldo Was Born
Solution: Portugal

Question: Courage The Dog Cartoon About A Wimp Dog
Solution: Cowardly

Question: Eating Utensils Plates And Dishes
Solution: Flatware

Question: Excited Frenzied Hectic Hyperactive
Solution: Agitated

Question: Greatly Influence Earths Climate
Solution: Currents

Question: Name Of Alexander The Greats Mother
Solution: Olympias

Question: Never The Leader Of The Pack
Solution: Follower

Question: Over Consumption Sin
Solution: Gluttony

Question: PIN Identification Number
Solution: Personal

Question: Preserver And Makeup Artist Of The Dead
Solution: Embalmer

Question: Protagonist Lacking Noble Qualities
Solution: Antihero

Question: Rare Golden Yellow Variety Of Beryl
Solution: Heliodor

Question: Shapes Of Buildings Hills Against Horizons
Solution: Skylines

Question: Submerging In Liquid Most Common With Eggs
Solution: Poaching

Question: The Promoting Of A Product Or A Company
Solution: Branding

Question: Tatum Magic Mike Actor
Solution: Channing

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