Codycross Transports Group 115 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: 90s Spy Spoof Starring Mike Myers Austin
Solution: Powers

Question: A Free Circus Ticket Is Named After Annie
Solution: Oakley

Question: Actor Not The Voice Of Darth Vader David
Solution: Prowse

Question: Body Part Between Head And Abdomen In Arachnids
Solution: Thorax

Question: Brand Name For Correction Fluid
Solution: Tippex

Question: Brass Colored Mineral Known As Fools Gold
Solution: Pyrite

Question: Country Where Stefan Edberg Was Born
Solution: Sweden

Question: Describes A City Thats Misty With Pollution
Solution: Smoggy

Question: Grilled Sandwiches With Italian Name
Solution: Panini

Question: Houses Made Of Ice
Solution: Igloos

Question: Houses Made Of Snow
Solution: Igloos

Question: In Science Fiction Being Electronically Powered
Solution: Bionic

Question: Insect With A Hard Shell Often Metallic Sheen
Solution: Beetle

Question: Islamic Law
Solution: Sharia

Question: Modern TV Show Exploring Family In Comedy
Solution: Family

Question: Outward Curve Of Legs Separating The Knees
Solution: Bowleg

Question: Set Of Bells Metals Etc Musical When Wind Blows
Solution: Chimes

Question: Shape Matching Vintage Video Game
Solution: Tetris

Question: Social Site Coordinates Real Life Encounters
Solution: Meetup

Question: The Typification Of Something
Solution: Byword

Question: They Cook Pastry Or Meals In The Oven
Solution: Bakers

Question: To Clean Your Throat With Mouthwash
Solution: Gargle

Question: Tropical Fruit With Bumpy Pink Shell White Flesh
Solution: Lychee

Question: Days Of Christmas Incorporates New Years Day
Solution: Twelve

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