Codycross Transports Group 114 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Statement Saying Something Is Not True
Solution: Rebuttal

Question: Animal With Long Nose Known For Eating Ants
Solution: Anteater

Question: Business Networking Website
Solution: Linkedin

Question: Business Networking Website With Personal Profiles
Solution: Linkedin

Question: Gaming Conventions New Games
Solution: Showcase

Question: Genre Of Oscar Winners The Unforgiven And Cimarron
Solution: Westerns

Question: Hagar The Comic About Viking Man
Solution: Horrible

Question: King Of Serpents Kills With Just One Glance
Solution: Basilisk

Question: Letting Foods Soak In Liquid Overnight
Solution: Marinate

Question: Negatively Charged Subatomic Particle
Solution: Electron

Question: ONE Non Profit Combating Extreme Poverty
Solution: Campaign

Question: Opening Or Crack Through Which To Sneakily Look
Solution: Peephole

Question: The Slag Caveman Wacky Races Male Siblings
Solution: Brothers

Question: The Wore Tennis Shoes Starred Kurt Russell
Solution: Computer

Question: The List With Passengers Names In A Flight
Solution: Manifest

Question: Thrombocytes They Help Stop Bleeding
Solution: Platelet

Question: Took The Audiences Attention From Another Actor
Solution: Upstaged

Question: Unesco World Heritage Site In San Antonio Texas
Solution: The alamo

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