Codycross Transports Group 113 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Baking Container Often Used On Birthdays
Solution: Cake pan

Question: As Flat As A
Solution: Pancake

Question: Capacity Aptitude Competence Faculty
Solution: Ability

Question: Cleopatras Needle
Solution: Obelisk

Question: Easter Search For Candies And Chocolates
Solution: Egg hunt

Question: Evil Eye Ward Off Evil In Middle East Culture
Solution: Amulets

Question: Goes Away
Solution: Departs

Question: Highest Pitched Instrument In An Orchestra
Solution: Piccolo

Question: Kelsey Played Frasier
Solution: Grammer

Question: Late Night Host Who Loves Car Distinct Chin
Solution: Jay leno

Question: Leisure Trips By Ship
Solution: Cruises

Question: Pulses Known As Lenticchie In Italian Cuisine
Solution: Lentils

Question: The Act Of Abuse Treating In A Harmful Way
Solution: Abusing

Question: To Run A Ship Onto The Beach Or On Land
Solution: Aground

Question: Type Of Fish Known For Its Long Whiskers
Solution: Catfish

Question: Type Of Food With Filling Wrapped In A Tortilla
Solution: Burrito

Question: Won The Academy Awards For Best Movie In 1941
Solution: Rebecca

Question: Yerevan Is Capital Of This Country
Solution: Armenia

Question: Or Talismans Ward Off Evil Eye In Some Cultures
Solution: Amulets

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