Codycross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: All Sound Japanese Electronics Brand
Solution: Panasonic

Question: 1979 Ivan Reitman Comedy Starring Bill Murray
Solution: Meatballs

Question: 2006 400th Birthday Of The Dutch Painter
Solution: Rembrandt

Question: A Small Dish Before The Main Meal A Starter
Solution: Appetizer

Question: A4 Hard Surface With Metal Peg To Hold Paper
Solution: Clipboard

Question: Butterfly Still In Its Hard Case
Solution: Chrysalis

Question: Career Where One Enlists Others For Careers
Solution: Recruiter

Question: Cartoon Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea
Solution: Spongebob

Question: Cleanliness Is Next To It
Solution: Godliness

Question: Colombias Main River Delta On The Caribbean
Solution: Magdalena

Question: Driver Of A Car Into A Shop Window To Gain Entry
Solution: Ram raider

Question: Evening Garment For Women
Solution: Night gown

Question: Evening Garment For Women Worn Around The House
Solution: Night gown

Question: Form Of Greeting Can Be Firm Or Light
Solution: Handshake

Question: German Girl Known Best For Her Courageous Diary
Solution: Anne frank

Question: In The UK December 26th
Solution: Boxing day

Question: Isaac Wright Plays Bran Stark In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Hempstead

Question: Jewish Minor Prophet His Book Follows Habakkuk
Solution: Zephaniah

Question: Latin Motto Seize The Day
Solution: Carpe diem

Question: Orderly Historical Written Account
Solution: Chronicle

Question: Philanthropist And Founder Of Microsoft
Solution: Bill gates

Question: Seemingly Invisible Resembling A Phantom
Solution: Ghostlike

Question: So Strange As Not Seeming Real
Solution: Unearthly

Question: Starter Aka Hors Doeuvre
Solution: Appetizer

Question: The First Meal Of The Day
Solution: Breakfast

Question: The Smallest Kind Of Blood Vessel
Solution: Capillary

Question: The Study Of Projectiles In Flight
Solution: Ballistic

Question: Time When All The Troubles Seemed So Far Away
Solution: Yesterday

Question: What Someone With A Green Thumb Has A Talent For
Solution: Gardening

Question: Worlds Largest Island Cold And Misnamed Probably
Solution: Greenland

Question: Zap Captain Of The Nimbus From Futurama
Solution: Brannigan

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