Codycross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: 1995 Past Present And Future Album For MJ
Solution: History

Question: African River Explored By David Livingstone
Solution: Zambezi

Question: Court Venue Of King Arthur
Solution: Camelot

Question: First Probe To Orbit Saturn
Solution: Cassini

Question: Fishing With A Hook And Line Not Fly Fishing
Solution: Angling

Question: Let The Stick To His Last
Solution: Cobbler

Question: Louis Frenchman Who Invented Anthrax Vaccine
Solution: Pasteur

Question: Miracle On 34th Street Actress OHara
Solution: Maureen

Question: Natural Substance That Is Found In Food
Solution: Vitamin

Question: Opposite Of Backward
Solution: Forward

Question: People Who Shoot With A Bow And Arrow
Solution: Archers

Question: Permanent Coverings At The North And South Pole
Solution: Icecaps

Question: Sea Creature That Dali Put On A Telephone
Solution: Lobster

Question: Singer Tom Jones Signature Song Its Not
Solution: Unusual

Question: Slang For A Car That Has A Lot Wrong With It
Solution: Clunker

Question: South American Capital On The Caribbean Sea
Solution: Caracas

Question: Sovereign Ruler Of An Empire A Monarch
Solution: Emperor

Question: Tax Imposed By A King On Holders Knights Fees
Solution: Scutage

Question: The Gear An Aircraft Lowers On An Approach
Solution: Landing

Question: To Give Responsibilities To Someone
Solution: Appoint

Question: Visit The Blue Lagoon In This Country
Solution: Iceland

Question: Whitney I Will Always Love You Singer
Solution: Houston

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