Codycross Transports Group 111 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Concern For Believers
Solution: Doomsday

Question: A Very Popular Baked Pastry In North America
Solution: Apple pie

Question: Anne Actress Of The Devil Wears Prada
Solution: Hathaway

Question: Bacteria Or Virus That Causes Disease
Solution: Pathogen

Question: Complex Situation Family Guy Character
Solution: Quagmire

Question: Country With Several Mayan Cities Such As Copan
Solution: Honduras

Question: Deep Swimming Flatfish Ariels Yellow Friend
Solution: Flounder

Question: Dismiss Pay No Heed To
Solution: Shrug off

Question: Filled With Vengeance Because Of Anger
Solution: Wrathful

Question: H20 Not From A Bottle
Solution: Tap water

Question: Happy Worlds Most Popular Song
Solution: Birthday

Question: In Business These Come In Receivables Payable
Solution: Accounts

Question: Leafy Salad Vegetables
Solution: Lettuces

Question: Leftover Unused
Solution: Residual

Question: Person Who Examines Boats For Seaworthiness
Solution: Surveyor

Question: The Kind Of Power That Corrupts Totally
Solution: Absolute

Question: Travels Discovers New Territory
Solution: Explores

Question: Type Of Wine In A Martini
Solution: Vermouth

Question: Way Of Painting Using An Air Spray Nozzle
Solution: Airbrush

Question: Well Developed Physique
Solution: Muscular

Question: Planum Martian Region Of Flatlands
Solution: Hesperia

Question: Island Salad Dressing Of Mayo Worcester Sauce
Solution: Thousand

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