Codycross Transports Group 111 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Central Part In Which Other Parts Are Grouped
Solution: Nucleus

Question: A Person Trained In Or Skilled In Gymnastics
Solution: Gymnast

Question: A Person Trained In Or Skilled In The Uneven Bars
Solution: Gymnast

Question: An Idiophone Hand Percussion Instrument
Solution: Cowbell

Question: Candy Cane Coral Have Red And White
Solution: Stripes

Question: Dental Is To Prevent Cavities
Solution: Sealant

Question: Female God
Solution: Goddess

Question: Initials Representing A Name Words
Solution: Acronym

Question: Large Wardrobe With Doors And Shelves
Solution: Armoire

Question: Most Common Stone For Engagement Rings
Solution: Diamond

Question: Showing No Emotion Enthusiasm Expression
Solution: Deadpan

Question: Singer Like Crosby Or Sinatra
Solution: Crooner

Question: Small Items That Hair Is Wrapped In To Curl It
Solution: Curlers

Question: Someone Who Gives Shapes To Objects
Solution: Moulder

Question: State In Europe Capital Is Zagreb
Solution: Croatia

Question: The April Ones Bring Forth May Flowers
Solution: Showers

Question: Where Earrings Attach
Solution: Earlobe

Question: Miss Daisy Won The Academy Awards In 1990
Solution: Driving

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