Codycross Transports Group 110 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Judicial Killing By The State
Solution: Execution

Question: Acquaintance Colleague
Solution: Associate

Question: American Megafauna Is A Board Game On
Solution: Evolution

Question: Breathes In Inhales
Solution: Aspirates

Question: Cider Bucolic Joys Of An English Village
Solution: With rosie

Question: Drawing Quick Rough Pictures
Solution: Sketching

Question: Egyptian Queen With Famous Bust
Solution: Nefertiti

Question: Elon Musks High Speed Tube Transportation
Solution: Hyperloop

Question: Ground Beef Stew Common In Latin America
Solution: Picadillo

Question: Hay Fever Is Another Name For Seasonal
Solution: Allergies

Question: Helena Founded The Theosophical Society 1875
Solution: Blavatsky

Question: Highly Detailed Or Involved
Solution: Intricate

Question: It Can Modify A Wine Or A Leader
Solution: Assertive

Question: Knife Use This To Keep Knives Pointy
Solution: Sharpener

Question: Latin Word Meaning The First Inhabitants
Solution: Aborigine

Question: List Of Activities And The Times Theyll Be Done
Solution: Timetable

Question: Mothership In Nolans Interstellar
Solution: Endurance

Question: Only Major Tennis Tournament Played On Grass
Solution: Wimbledon

Question: Piece Of Cloth Used To Dry Fingers And Palms
Solution: Hand towel

Question: Relating To Your Brother
Solution: Fraternal

Question: Science Of Rainfall
Solution: Hyetology

Question: Ship That Takes Humanity Back To Earth Battlestar
Solution: Galactica

Question: Soap For Washing Clothes
Solution: Detergent

Question: Someone Who Cuts And Polishes Gemstones
Solution: Gemcutter

Question: Winter Surf Accessory For The White Stuff
Solution: Snowboard

Question: Valley Poisonous White Flowered Woodland Plant
Solution: Lily of the

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