Codycross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: TEOTD Means At The End
Solution: Of the day

Question: British Word For What Americans Call Soccer
Solution: Football

Question: Carbohydrates Mainly Come From And Fiber
Solution: Starches

Question: Cheesy Beach Drama Starring Pamela Anderson
Solution: Baywatch

Question: Computer Programs Distributed Without Charge
Solution: Freeware

Question: Cranium Category For General Knowledge Facts
Solution: Data head

Question: Dainty Collar Named After A J M Barrie Character
Solution: Peter pan

Question: David Known For His Book Cloud Atlas
Solution: Mitchell

Question: Described The Plan Generally
Solution: Outlined

Question: Divine Inspiration
Solution: Afflatus

Question: Emergency Stopping Lane On The Roadside
Solution: Shoulder

Question: Item To Protect You From Rain
Solution: Umbrella

Question: Loose Main Idea With Modifying Clauses
Solution: Sentence

Question: Mixing Two Colors Or Pigments Together Softly
Solution: Blending

Question: Motto Of The Olympic Games Faster Higher
Solution: Stronger

Question: Mrs Is The Very Pineapple Of Politeness
Solution: Malaprop

Question: Nemo Is The Captain Of This Submarine
Solution: Nautilus

Question: Oily Liquid Used As Kerosene Also A Type Of Wax
Solution: Paraffin

Question: Patrick Writer Of The Kingkiller Chronicle
Solution: Rothfuss

Question: Quasimodos Whale
Solution: Humpback

Question: Radovan Leader Of Bosnian Serbs In The 1990s
Solution: Karadzic

Question: Someone You Work With Colleague
Solution: Coworker

Question: The Da Vinci Code Author Was Once A Pop Singer
Solution: Dan brown

Question: The Righteous 60s Hit Was Later In A Movie
Solution: Brothers

Question: And Broomsticks Is A 1971 Disney Film
Solution: Bedknobs

Question: Drilling Extraction Of Oil From Beneath Seabed
Solution: Offshore

Question: Sickness Oxygen Problems When Mountaineering
Solution: Altitude

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