Codycross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: An Angle Over 90 Degrees It Also Means Ignorant
Solution: Obtuse

Question: Capital Of Turkey
Solution: Ankara

Question: Chinese Dim Sum Dumplings Stuffed With Pork
Solution: Siu mai

Question: Color Of Second Place Metal
Solution: Silver

Question: Convertible Motorcar
Solution: Rag top

Question: Eye Doctors Eyes To Make Pupils Bigger
Solution: Dilate

Question: James Author Of LA Confidential
Solution: Ellroy

Question: Leather Jacket Clad Group In Grease
Solution: T birds

Question: Ms Blake In Scooby Doo In A Purple Mini Dress
Solution: Daphne

Question: Next To Kenya Congo And South Sudan
Solution: Uganda

Question: Plant Yielding Blue Dye
Solution: Indigo

Question: Pleasant Gust Of Air
Solution: Breeze

Question: Small Red Fruit With A Stone
Solution: Cherry

Question: Small Red Fruit Also Used As Flavoring
Solution: Cherry

Question: Susanna Famous For Jonathan Strange Novel
Solution: Clarke

Question: The Preserver And Protector In Hinduism
Solution: Vishnu

Question: Type Of Dog Breed Known For Plush Coat Lassie
Solution: Collie

Question: White 8 Mile Rapper Discovered By Dr Dre
Solution: Eminem

Question: Your Bodys Lack Of A Normal Response To Antigens
Solution: Anergy

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