Codycross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Asian Bread Flavored With Saffron
Solution: Shirmal

Question: Bird Known For Its Huge Beautiful Tail Displays
Solution: Peacock

Question: Chairs With A Tune Never Enough For All
Solution: Musical

Question: Goods Delivered For Pay Cargo
Solution: Freight

Question: Hells Gordon Ramsays Inferno Reality Show
Solution: Kitchen

Question: In The Morning Kids Are Told To Go Get
Solution: Dressed

Question: Large Region On The West Coast Of The Netherlands
Solution: Holland

Question: Lively Tempo In Music
Solution: Allegro

Question: Lobe Adornment
Solution: Earring

Question: Money Put Away For A Rainy Day
Solution: Savings

Question: Moves To A Lower Rank
Solution: Demotes

Question: Pertaining To Or Involving Atomic Weapons
Solution: Nuclear

Question: Prima Ballerina Of The Dying Swan Fame
Solution: Pavlova

Question: Promised To Be Married
Solution: Engaged

Question: Slaughterhouse Staple Looks Like Hatchet
Solution: Cleaver

Question: Someone In Charge Of A Museum Collection
Solution: Curator

Question: The Most Venerated Saint In Ireland
Solution: Patrick

Question: The Wooden Clog Came From This Country
Solution: Holland

Question: To Be Filled With Satisfaction About Something
Solution: Pleased

Question: Tolerated Suffered Felt
Solution: Endured

Question: Won The 57th Academy Awards For Best Movie
Solution: Amadeus

Question: Princip Yugoslav Who Murdered An Archduke
Solution: Gavrilo

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