Codycross Transports Group 108 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Another Name For Mandible
Solution: Jawbone

Question: Arabian Bream Have A Jerky Movement
Solution: Monocle

Question: Device Used To Transfer Images Into A Computer
Solution: Scanner

Question: Famous Sugary Doughnut Treats From New Orleans
Solution: Beignet

Question: Food That Causes Allergic Reactions In Many People
Solution: Peanuts

Question: Instrument That Indicates Direction N S E W
Solution: Compass

Question: Interrogated Someone Or Toasted A Cheese Sandwich
Solution: Grilled

Question: Jade Green Pottery Ware
Solution: Celadon

Question: Large Sailing Vessel Merchants And Soldiers
Solution: Galleon

Question: Player Going First In 4 Can Win 100 Of The Times
Solution: Connect

Question: Saint Celebrated On July 15 Rain Or Shine
Solution: Swithun

Question: Something That Can Be Healed
Solution: Curable

Question: Study Of Human Bodies By Examining Them
Solution: Anatomy

Question: Sun Rays Through Raindrops
Solution: Rainbow

Question: The Grass Is Movie With Cary Grant
Solution: Greener

Question: This Type Of Cheese Comes Melted Between Toast
Solution: Grilled

Question: Yves And Marilyn Monroe Were In Lets Make Love
Solution: Montand

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