Codycross Transports Group 108 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: 1987 Bond Film The Living
Solution: Daylights

Question: 60s TV Show About A Modern Housewife Witch
Solution: Bewitched

Question: A Named Desire Movie With Marlon Brando
Solution: Streetcar

Question: A Source Of Income Via A Bequest Or Gift
Solution: Endowment

Question: A Type Of Aquatic Flower Found In Lakes Or Ponds
Solution: Waterlily

Question: Able To Be Taken In By Another Family
Solution: Adoptable

Question: Animation About A Squirrels Planned Heist
Solution: The nut job

Question: Childs Toy First Used As A Wall Cleaner
Solution: Playdough

Question: Cocktail Named After An Island
Solution: Manhattan

Question: Cord Connecting An Unborn Baby To The Placenta
Solution: Umbilical

Question: Cord Connecting Fetus To Placenta
Solution: Umbilical

Question: Cud Chewing Animals
Solution: Ruminants

Question: Doubt Is Not The End Of Wisdom But The
Solution: Beginning

Question: Female Wiccan Role Can Develop Into High
Solution: Priestess

Question: Foreign Contract Workers
Solution: Outsource

Question: In A Certain Way The Longest Month
Solution: September

Question: Music And Arts Festival In California
Solution: Coachella

Question: Not High Heels Comfortable Female Footwear
Solution: Flat shoes

Question: People Living In Underwater Homes
Solution: Aquanauts

Question: Preposterous Laughable
Solution: Ludicrous

Question: Process Of Learning And Studying
Solution: Education

Question: Publicly Stating Or Declaring
Solution: Affirming

Question: Sam Cookes Soul Classic More Than Infatuation
Solution: You send me

Question: Separator Used To Make Cubicles In Office
Solution: Partition

Question: Signal Aka Westfalenstadion In Dortmund
Solution: Iduna park

Question: Smashed To Many Bits
Solution: Shattered

Question: Social System Of Medieval Europe Serfs
Solution: Feudalism

Question: Solid Frozen Ball That Can Damage Buildings
Solution: Hail stone

Question: Study Of The Planets And The Universe
Solution: Uranology

Question: Syndrome That Can Affect Kidnapped People
Solution: Stockholm

Question: The Beatles Sang About Living In A Yellow One
Solution: Submarine

Question: The First O In COO
Solution: Operating

Question: The Island Where You Find New York City
Solution: Manhattan

Question: Varieties Of Spinel Named After Sri Lanka
Solution: Ceylonite

Question: Where Santas Workshop Is Located
Solution: North pole

Question: Buendia From A Hundred Years Of Solitude
Solution: Aureliano

Question: Cry 1984 Prince Hit About Weeping Birds
Solution: When doves

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