Codycross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Large Metal Drinking Vessel That Can Be Engraved
Solution: Tankard

Question: Another Name For An Oven Or A Furnace
Solution: Roaster

Question: Cherrylike Fruit Source Of Vitamin C
Solution: Acerola

Question: Country In Europe Anagram Of Nice Lad
Solution: Iceland

Question: Dan Conner On Roseanne John
Solution: Goodman

Question: Device In A Car Used To Start The Engine
Solution: Starter

Question: Edward Hands Character Played By Johnny Depp
Solution: Scissor

Question: Elastic Fabric That Expands
Solution: Spandex

Question: Horse Stalls
Solution: Stables

Question: Janitor At Planet Express Futurama
Solution: Scruffy

Question: Paris Saint French Team Known By Abbreviation
Solution: Germain

Question: Pitch Star Who Married Posh Spice
Solution: Beckham

Question: Pitch Variation In Speech
Solution: Cadence

Question: Plastic Stick Dissolves Sugar In Coffee
Solution: Stirrer

Question: Stephen A Political Debater With Abe Lincoln
Solution: Douglas

Question: Strong Smelling Gas Nitrogen And Hydrogen
Solution: Ammonia

Question: Weird Odd Dreamlike And Fantastical
Solution: Surreal

Question: Wrote The Book The Prince Machiavelli
Solution: Niccolo

Question: Dolls Represent Native American Spirits
Solution: Kachina

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