Codycross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Always Lagging Behind
Solution: Straggler

Question: America Ferrera Show From Colombian Telenovela
Solution: Ugly betty

Question: Artistic Skill Using Fibres Such As Corn Dolls
Solution: Straw work

Question: Building With Bunk Beds Sleeping Quarters
Solution: Bunkhouse

Question: Cables Reaching From The Stern To Mast Heads
Solution: Backstays

Question: Chers Former Partner In Life And Music
Solution: Sonny bono

Question: Chronic Lung Disease Caused By Inhaling Dust
Solution: Silicosis

Question: Foolishness Ignorance
Solution: Stupidity

Question: Give Up Something For Lent Forgo It
Solution: Sacrifice

Question: Hearth
Solution: Fireplace

Question: Jafar Is Aladdins Villain In Disney Movie
Solution: Archenemy

Question: Jamaican Religion Associated With Long Dreds
Solution: Rastafari

Question: Long Thin Ribbons Of Paper For Celebrating
Solution: Streamers

Question: System Of Parts Working Together In An Appliance
Solution: Mechanism

Question: The Capital Of Pitcairn Islands
Solution: Adamstown

Question: The Date A Person Is Born
Solution: Birthdate

Question: This Vegetable Makes Urine Smelly
Solution: Asparagus

Question: Devil A Carnivorous Australian Marsupial
Solution: Tasmanian

Question: Westerns Include The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Solution: Spaghetti

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