Codycross Transports Group 105 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Computer Thinking Making A Car Shine
Solution: Buffer

Question: A Tower With Batty Bats
Solution: Belfry

Question: Apples Digital Device Used To Make Calls
Solution: Iphone

Question: Band That Wrote Song About Lodging In California
Solution: Eagles

Question: Capital Of Russia
Solution: Moscow

Question: Competitor Of Android
Solution: Iphone

Question: Desire To Purchase A Product By The Public
Solution: Demand

Question: Exercise Video Game Compatible With Balance Board
Solution: Wii fit

Question: Geometric Figure With Four Equal Sides
Solution: Square

Question: Grecian Capital City
Solution: Athens

Question: Hairy Covering Of A Mammal
Solution: Pelage

Question: Mako And Dogfish Are Some Names For These Animals
Solution: Sharks

Question: Milky Cloudy Common Crystal Structure
Solution: Quartz

Question: National Hockey Stadium In Major Pakistani City
Solution: Lahore

Question: Original High School Musical With Danny And Sandy
Solution: Grease

Question: Presents Proposes
Solution: Offers

Question: Protrusion Of Tissue Through Its Surrounding Walls
Solution: Hernia

Question: Small Restaurant Place Where Food Is Served
Solution: Eatery

Question: The Prophet In The Lions Den
Solution: Daniel

Question: These Were Thrown On The Ground Under Jesus Donkey
Solution: Cloaks

Question: Type Of Stairs Invented In 480 BC Sicily
Solution: Spiral

Question: Vase Maker
Solution: Potter

Question: Very Short Cannon Throws High Angle Shells
Solution: Mortar

Question: Watchers Famous Diet Scheme
Solution: Weight

Question: Watchers Most Famous Diet Program
Solution: Weight

Question: Desk Console Used To Blend Music For Recording
Solution: Mixing

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