Codycross Transports Group 105 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: American Singer Who Has A Distinguished Voice
Solution: Tom waits

Question: Area Between Mars And Jupiter Belt
Solution: Asteroid

Question: Bailer Is A Device For Water In The Boat
Solution: Removing

Question: Chefs Hate It When Steaks Are Ordered Like This
Solution: Welldone

Question: City Where The Blue Mosque Is Located
Solution: Istanbul

Question: Force Applied Over An Area Of An Object
Solution: Pressure

Question: Giant Japanese Reptilian Film Star
Solution: Godzilla

Question: Illegal Pitch In Baseball Ball Is Lubed
Solution: Spitball

Question: Insects Known For Their Chirping
Solution: Crickets

Question: Large Walk Through Area With Mirrors In Carnivals
Solution: Funhouse

Question: Miming Game Two Words A Movie
Solution: Charades

Question: Pulled A Plant Up From The Ground
Solution: Uprooted

Question: Quality Should Be Over It
Solution: Quantity

Question: Slip Of Paper To Never Lose Place While Reading
Solution: Bookmark

Question: Southern Tip Of South America
Solution: Cape horn

Question: The Interests Of A University Or College
Solution: Academia

Question: This Actor Jonah Hill
Solution: Is the end

Question: Treated Or Spoken To Insolently
Solution: Insulted

Question: Type Of Castles On High Ground
Solution: Citadels

Question: Underwriting
Solution: Insuring

Question: Earth Battle Strategy Used By The Russians
Solution: Scorched

Question: Prize For Outstanding Achievement In Writing
Solution: Pulitzer

Question: Line Series Of Factory Workers And Products
Solution: Assembly

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