Codycross Transports Group 105 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: The Game Cried Holmes At The Start Of A Case
Solution: Is afoot

Question: Black Road Surface Material
Solution: Asphalt

Question: Charlie Sheens Real Surname
Solution: Estevez

Question: Floating Poached Egg Whites And Sugar Dessert
Solution: Islands

Question: Grooves On The Side Of Bowling Lanes
Solution: Gutters

Question: Housing For Gears
Solution: Gearbox

Question: Its Dangerous To Skate On This
Solution: Thin ice

Question: Kiev Is The Capital Of
Solution: Ukraine

Question: Language Of Jesus Ancient Semitic Language
Solution: Aramaic

Question: Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Merlot
Solution: Red wine

Question: Mass Of Tissue On Both Sides Of Your Throat
Solution: Tonsils

Question: Pill Or Medicine With No Effect Used In Trials
Solution: Placebo

Question: This Medicine Will At Least Make You Feel Good
Solution: Placebo

Question: To Make A Liquid Dense By Adding Flour
Solution: Thicken

Question: Utensil With A Flat End For Spreading Foods
Solution: Spatula

Question: Makeover Home Edition Home Improvement TV Show
Solution: Extreme

Question: Zod Krypton Warlord And Superman Enemy
Solution: General

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