Codycross Transports Group 104 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Type Of Mudrock
Solution: Claystone

Question: Accept Without Protest
Solution: Acquiesce

Question: British Psychedelic Rock Band
Solution: Pink floyd

Question: Capital Of Sweden
Solution: Stockholm

Question: Chess Position In Which The Opponent Can Only Lose
Solution: Checkmate

Question: Clean Shaven
Solution: Beardless

Question: Corn Tortilla Dish Originating In Mexico
Solution: Enchilada

Question: Dark Colored Large Bird US Film About A Ballerina
Solution: Black swan

Question: East London District Within The Newham Borough
Solution: Stratford

Question: Facial Description Often Applied To Kirk Douglas
Solution: Cleft chin

Question: Fall In Prices Of Goods And Services
Solution: Deflation

Question: Fargo Actress And Joel Coen Wife Frances
Solution: Mcdormand

Question: Flag Communication
Solution: Semaphore

Question: Lemurs Are Primates From Madagascar
Solution: Nocturnal

Question: Monk Of The Yellow Hat School
Solution: Dalai lama

Question: Oysters Crabs Shrimp
Solution: Shellfish

Question: Passionate Protesters
Solution: Activists

Question: Profession Associated With Books
Solution: Librarian

Question: Shaggys Canine Sidekick
Solution: Scooby doo

Question: Ship That Brought The First Pilgrims To America
Solution: Mayflower

Question: Skin Damage Due To Prolonged Exposure To The Cold
Solution: Frostbite

Question: Strong Feelings Of Hostility Towards Someone
Solution: Animosity

Question: Taking Paint Or Wallpaper Off Walls
Solution: Stripping

Question: Taking The Core Out Of Something Eg A Tree
Solution: Hollowing

Question: The Study Of Winds
Solution: Anemology

Question: Uranus And Neptune Are Both
Solution: Ice giants

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