Codycross Transports Group 104 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: 28 Days Long Sometimes 29
Solution: February

Question: A Brief Summary Or Glimpse Like A Photo
Solution: Snapshot

Question: Angler Or Flounder Has Eyes On One Side
Solution: Flatfish

Question: Antechamber Typically Serving As A Waiting Room
Solution: Anteroom

Question: Chemical Element With Symbol N And Atomic Number 7
Solution: Nitrogen

Question: Decorating Something With Stripes
Solution: Striping

Question: Enlargement Of A Body Part From Fluid
Solution: Swelling

Question: Extracting Food Flavors Using Solvents
Solution: Infusion

Question: First Operational Nuclear Powered Submarine
Solution: Nautilus

Question: First State To Ratify Constitution
Solution: Delaware

Question: French Writer Attacked The Catholic Church
Solution: Voltaire

Question: Gobsmackingly Beautiful
Solution: Stunning

Question: Gothic Fiction Creator Of Lestat
Solution: Anne rice

Question: In A Church A Covered Walkway Around A Quadrangle
Solution: Cloister

Question: Long Coat Which Extends Below The Knee
Solution: Overcoat

Question: Loud Rhythmic Beating
Solution: Drumming

Question: Ocean Between Ireland And The United States
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Part Of Brain Controls Vision Hearing And More
Solution: Midbrain

Question: Quit A Job Past Tense
Solution: Resigned

Question: Snowboarding Is Done With A Board To Your Feet
Solution: Attached

Question: Someone Who Performs Illusions For A Crowd
Solution: Magician

Question: Submissive Satisfied Docile
Solution: Resigned

Question: The Second Best Exotic Hotel 2015 Movie
Solution: Marigold

Question: The Conversation Between Two Characters In A Film
Solution: Dialogue

Question: The Shortest Month Of The Year
Solution: February

Question: Western Movie Legend Now A Respected Director
Solution: Eastwood

Question: Fire Just As Dangerous As Enemys Intent
Solution: Friendly

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