Codycross Transports Group 103 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Anion Is A Negatively Ion
Solution: Charged

Question: Armament Is The Ships
Solution: Weapons

Question: Country That Borders The Netherlands On The East
Solution: Germany

Question: Currency Of Guatemala Named After Native Bird
Solution: Quetzal

Question: Freytags Dramatic Structure For Films Plays
Solution: Pyramid

Question: Hoosier Miracle Team Coach In The 1986 Movie
Solution: Hackman

Question: Is Abundant Exists In Large Quantities
Solution: Abounds

Question: It Precedes Jazz
Solution: Ragtime

Question: Italian Baroque Painter Of Battle Scenes
Solution: Falcone

Question: Luggage You Carry When Traveling
Solution: Baggage

Question: Meat Coated With Crumbs And Fried
Solution: Breaded

Question: Meringue Dessert Named For Russian Ballerina
Solution: Pavlova

Question: One Of The Wondrous Giant Mausoleums In Giza
Solution: Pyramid

Question: Pay Received From Retrospective Date
Solution: Backpay

Question: Region In Central Italy LAquila Is Its Capital
Solution: Abruzzo

Question: Road Truckers Communication
Solution: Cb radio

Question: Shallow Draft Boat Used In Swamps
Solution: Airboat

Question: To Watch Something Doing Something
Solution: Observe

Question: Truth In Latin
Solution: Veritas

Question: Cheese And Tomato Soup
Solution: Grilled

Question: Scales Electronics To Weigh Cake Ingredients
Solution: Digital

Question: Trees Louisiana Swamp Trees With Knees
Solution: Cypress

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